Moonspell-Lisboa Under the Spell (Live)feat.the ''Wolfheart''show and '' Irreligious'' show in it's entirely!Recorded live! in their own homecountry of Lissabon at february 4th,2017 at the Campo Pequeno Arena.Comes as a gatefold triple  3-lp(black) plus patch,and Blue ray,plus DVD,3CD in slipcase,including patch ''Lisbon under the Spell'' Moonspell webshop

Nargaroth released ´´ Era Of Threnody´´ in 2017 and features guest appearance by Audrey Sylvain Metal Archives (Amesoeurs,Peste Noire,ALCEST and Germ).The bonustrack ''My eternal grief,Anguish neverending-Alternative version'' features a clean vocal duet  between ASH René Wagner) and Audrey.Order the gatefold double lp here

It already circulated on the web,but here it is!The new fresh designed Moonspell Rites Productions logo.The design comes from  the hands than nobody less than mister '' lord of the logos''himself,namely Christophe Szpajdel~

20!years of Poisonous Ukranian Black Metal.Lucifugum celebrate this birthday with a very special coin dedicated to the elite.The jubilee coin features ''20 years on the damned path'' and the band's statement therefore is ''This is not simply collector's item, but a Symbol of the real devotion to Black Mission'' 20 years on the damned path coin.Available exclusively on PROPAGANDA.

06-06-2018 Sabathan features as himself in the Porn/Black Metal movie "Phallusifer – The Immoral Code".Sabathan (Franck Lorent) is now as actor,also known for his band activities in Enthroned,Slaughter Messiah and HORACLE.The film is produced through Karnal Film Productions.

The director announced a new film is in the making,and features more ''Hardcore porn with hints of S&M and Satanic imagery'' .

Hellfest.Clisson,France 22,23,24 June 2018

05-06-2018 Also known by the well known sold book '' Lord of the Logos'' and his work for various Black Metal artists in the past,Christophe Szpajdel is asked to do the artwork for the new upcoming Moonspell Rites Productions logo.

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions is a French Underground Black Metal label dedicated to the true spirit!

''LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE PRODUCTIONS is an association bringing passionate people together, all volunteers.Our vocation ?Presenting bands we love,usually coming from nowhere !Mostly focus on French artists, but not only,we go along with the bands in their artistic development. The Label is a promotion tool, but also a music distributor for bands from the New generation of Black Metal (post, atmospheric and avant-gardiste) either on vinyl record, CD or tape. We love offering objects of great quality by working with talented designers and other Limited Box Set composed of handmade and original goodies

EMANATIONS is the label counterpart,aiming to present completely unknown bands throughout limited edition either in tapes or CD,the demo stage in other words. It is usually bands from our close surrounding,bands we already know.There is a gate between EMANATIONS and LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE PRODUCTIONS, so prepare yourself to see bands signed in our subdivision joining the main structure,involving more human and financial resources in their development.Our goal is always the same,presenting and supporting bands we love because we are passionate about music above all.''

DOOL is a Rotterdam,Netherlands based psychical Rock group.The band features members all well known from the National Musicscene.Together they joined up to form the band DOOL.Performing live since late 2015,in 2017 the band released their full length debut '' Here now,There then''through Prophecy Productions,Germany. Ryanne van Dorst also is active with her other band Elle Bandita,which released countless of numbers of albums,and put a stamp with her band in the National Rockscene.DOOL toured the continent widely in order to promote the new record,and aren't done!On their website you can find the dates where they will perform.They played in the past already on festivals like North of the Wall(Glasgow),Vienna Metal Metal Meeting,Fortarock 2018(Nijmegen),and much more.

The band features:
Ryanne van Dorst - Vocals/Guitar (Elle Bandita)
Micha Haring-Drums (The Devils Blood)
JB Van Der Wal-Bass (HERDER)
Reinier Vermeulen-Guitar (Solaire)
Nick Polak-Guitar (GOLD)

01-06-2018 Nocturn was a Thrash/Death Metal band from Eibergen,Oost Achterhoek/Netherlands,who were active in 1989 until 1991.

In that period they released the two track 7'' Shades of Insanity'' in 1990,and the full length debut '' Estranged Dimensions'' in 1991,with artwork done by Christiaan Smeenk.Both releases went through Old World Records,Germany.After that the band split-up,and members went their own way,with Brian Haverkamp and Edwin Woerdman (both guitars) focussing on the Thrash/Hardcore band DISABUSE fom Winterswijk,which was their second band besides Nocturn.It is unknown 'til this day about the other members band activities.Last news is that Boudewijn Bruggeman (Vocals) sings in the Southern rock tribute band, Memphis Belle ( ).

Now the legendary release ''Estranged Dimensions'' has made been available again,through Dark Symphonies/The Crypt Records,US.''And if that's not enough?!They also rereleased the legendary debut of Death Squad's  '' Into the Crypt'' on double lp!Incl.bonustracks from the '' Dying Alone-Demotape'' The double lp is als available through European distributors Iron Bonehead,or High Roller  Records'' 

Including the '' Shades of Insanity'' 7''  as bonustracks,plus the original artwork,done by artist Christiaan Smeenk from 1991.The album comes in 3 different coloured vinyl versions.Get your copy at Raw Skull Recordz,Netherlands.

Check out this nice review done by Nightmare Reality Webzine.

Lineup 1991:

Robert Weerkamp-Bass
Stef Weerkamp-Drums (Vocals,backing)
Brian Haverkamp-Guitars
Edwin Woerdman-Guitars
Boudewijn Bruggeman-Vocals

30-05-2018 Who's going?!Don't miss them out!!! In the erea of Hengelo(OV),Netherlands! Visit the show at the Metropool/Hengelo,Overijssel.The venue is located at the centre of the city,nearby the trainstation.

New album of Necrophobic is out now!'' Mark of the Necrogram''(2018) scored serious high ratings in reviews.Best work to date!

Ritual of death: Fr 26th of October,2018 at the Metropool in Hengelo (NL) with Necrophobic (SWE),ANARCHOS (NL) and The Shiva Hypothesis (NL)

Want your demo,CD,album reviewed by the legendary notorious German Black/Death Metal Underground zine Ablaze magazin~The True voice of Underground?Head for their homepage,or contact them immediately.The zine is in the German language.,or mail

Secrets of the Moon (GE) demos re-released.

'' Under the Sign of the Capricorn'' (2018)is the title of the 3-tape box edition of the long sought demos from the German Occult,Black Metal band Secrets of the Moon.Re-released through the German Darkness Shall Rise Productions.

Under the sign of the Capricorn 3-box tape 33,33,- euro

Contains:Unearthed Arcana demo 1995 
Vanitas demo 1997
Promo Tape 98 demo 1998

'' 3-tape box with all demos from this German Black Metal legend.
Box is limited to 444 handnumbered copies and includes a patch, a booklet and a signed certificate'' 

Limited to 444 hand-numbered copies.

3-tape box includes all demos of the band released on black pro-tapes with white onbody print. The box comes with patch, a big booklet (over 90 pages) and a signed certificate.

"Unearthed Arcana" was recorded under a secret fullmoon; November 1995.
The "Secret Side" of "Vanitas" was recorded on the 7th day of June 1997.
The "Moon Side" of "Vanitas" was recorded live on the 28th of December 1996 in Bramsche/Osnabrück at a black Winter night.

Mastered and partially restored from the original mastertapes by Patrick W.Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in November 2017.'' 

Secrets of the Moon Official website

A Dutch Metalshow,Wet & Wild was broadcasted in the 90's on The Music Factory,presented by Ruud de Wild.This interview was taken by one of the ALTAR bandmembers (Marcel Verdurmen,guitars) at Waldrock 1999.

Nostalgia!Really miss the show with Vanessa warwick! and MTV's Headbangers Ball!The most attractive and coolest  female Metalhead in history! 

Another great part of Dutch Metal history!Another great Dutch Metal radio show on 3fm,presented by Henk Westbroek and sometimes with Marcel van Dam,namely Vara's Vuurwerk​.Nostalgia most definitely!

Vara's Vuurwerk on Facebook 

In this episode Henk Westbroek discusses the just released new mlp 'Sorrow and Perdition' (1989) from the Winterswijke,Netherlands Disabuse.They scored 'Record of the week'in the program Vara's Vuurwerk.Henk Westbroek phones Patrick van der Beek (Disabuse,Bassguitar) and discusses the new record.(In Dutch)A track from the new album 'Fast but not first'  is then broadcasted in the show.

The album has been rereleased in 1989/2017 by the American label Dark Symphonies Records,feat.the 2015 ep ''Remains'' as The album is distributed by Dark Descent Records

Great times! Used too listen to the national channel radio in order to wait for Bad Girl coming on,which was a radio Metal Music show presented by Mirella Simoncini.I taped the interview she did with Cradle of Filth in 1997 on old school cassette.Nostalgia mostdefinitely!

Picture is taken from Waldrock Open Air 28-06-1997

26-05-2018 Who doesn't know them?!Back in the early nineties the Death Metal band ALTAR,Hardenberg (Netherlands) searched for the best ways to provoke against Christianity,and everything build upon it.With their most brutal and agressive album to date,and most religious shocking artwork imaginable they were going ahead releasing,after the demotape (And God created Satan,to blame for his mistakes),the most controversial album imaginable 'Youth Against Christ!'(1994)Now there are new stocks available of the long searched notorious LS/Tshirts,released through Raw Skull Recordz. 

''Too complete your ALTAR collection.The album Youth Against Christ also has been released on vinyl format.Available through Cosmic Key Creations.''

23-05-2018 Gaahl,a.k.a Kristian Eivind Espedal(Trelldom) doesn't sit still.After the departure with Gorgoroth,and the split up with God Seed,he put together a new band called Gaahl's Wyrd.Season of Mist brings you a MCD,MLP with the 2015 live recordings taken from the Blekk Metal festival in Bergen in November 2015.lim edition of 1000 copies each!

Available through Season of Mist,France. 

''Live Tracks performed and recorded at the BlekkMetal festival in Bergen, November 2015.
Limited to 1000 copies, exclusively sold on Vardøger European Tour 2017 with Auðn and The Great Old Ones.
The EP includes live recordings of Trelldom songs never performed in concert before''.

19-05-2018 Right now we offer you the possibility to head straight! to the download links in order to get hold of the both free digital compilations Moonspell Rites Promotions did.Get your's here:

15--05-2018 As some already might know,Onielar (Yvonne Wilczynska) took over vocal duties in BETHLEHEM after Rogier Droog (Nowadays Hell Militia,Ex-Funeral Winds,Weltbrand) left.Onielar is more well known for her guitar/vocal duties in the extreme BM band DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT!Check out her first live performance with BETHLEHEM here.

15-05 -2018 New Anarchos shirts!

Anarchos-Mortem Iuxta Est TS
Now available at their Bigcartel shop.

Brutal Dutch Death Metal!

Lords of Chaos (2018) movie poster.Produced by Jonas Åkerlund.

After years of silence the German Occult Black Metal band Temple Koludra returns!
Their debut full length will be released through  Trancending Obscurity Records.

Check out their latest video 'Grey Apparition'.(2018)

24-04-2018 Soul Dissolution (BE) First show ever! Together with Frigoris (GE) and  Black Narcissus (BE).

With this we celebrate the release of their second full length 'Stardust'(2018).The album got some massive responses already,and are welcomed with open arms.Here you can check a couple of reviews:

There also will be shirts available from the Stardust album,get them on their show or on their Bandcamp store. 

22--04-2018  There are still items left in stock which are still for sale.

-Soul Dissolution-Pale Distant light Digi-CD (2016) 12,00 Euro
-Obsidian Tongue CD -A nest of ravens in the throat of time CD (2013)Sold out at the Hypnotic Dirge Records store.12,00 Euro
-Graveyard Ghoul-The living cemetary CD (2014) 12,00 Euro

-For purchasing Melkor their latest record 'Irrlicht'  and get your original second full length after their high emanicipated  debut 'Ferne'.No skills no frills,Only pure true German Black metal worship here.

-Follow  Patricia Thomas bandmanagement with latest news and updates on her Official site, and keep on supporting and subscribe to her newsletters. Official website /

11-10-2016 Dayal Patterson is working hard to make through his journey through 'The Cult Never Dies' a real legacy coming to his books and merchandise.Interviewing and reviewing some of the most important Black Metal icons coming to the great arrows in history. Interested in getting some of his merchandise head for The Cult Never Dies merchandise

-For some of the most exclusive Lunar Aurora merchandise head for  GRAU Mailorder
merchandise .Other topacts Coldworld,Lunar Aurora,Kawir and more...

06-10-2016 Straight from the metalinsider.'Win a pair of passes to the New York debut of black metal documentary ‘Blackhearts’.One of the best things about the metal community is how dedicated its fans are. That’s why Prog Power sells out before the lineup’s even announced. It’s why bands and fans will travel from all over the world to hang out in Baltimore parking lots every Memorial Day Weekend. And it’s also why black metal fans view Norway as their mecca. The film Blackhearts is a documentary about the latter of those, following black metal musicians from Greece, Iran and Colombia read more

03-10-2016 Here you can view Varg Vikernes his latest 10 minute video talking about Oystein Aarseth and all the commotion around him, the Helvete shop, and VENOM.

Burzum official website.
Mayhem Offial website
The True Mayhem webshop

Head  for the Nebelklang shop to get access to the highlights in what the store has to offer.Find out about ABSURD merchandise and tons more goodies.

28-09-2016 Heidens Hart Records got some really exclusive shirts in (see picture above) from the Norwegian Dark Industry artist Mortiis (Dark-Ambient early),as being long time pals with Arjan from HH.Here is the link back where you can order 

All of the designs are from the first-Ambient days era.