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19-05-2018 Right now we offer you the possibility to head straight! to the download links in order to get hold of the both free digital compilations Moonspell Rites promotions did.Get your's here:

15--05-2018 As some already might know,Onielar (Yvonne Wilczynska) took over vocal duties in BETHLEHEM after Rogier Droog (Nowadays Hell Militia,Ex-Funeral Winds,Weltbrand) left.Onielar is more well known for her guitar/vocal duties in the extreme BM band DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT!Check out her first live performance with BETHLEHEM here.

15-05 -2018 New Anarchos shirts!

Anarchos-Mortem Iuxta Est TS
Now available at their Bigcartel shop.
Anarchos on Facebook

Brutal Dutch Death Metal!

Lords of Chaos (2018) movie poster.Produced by Jonas Ã…kerlund.

After years of silence the German Occult Black Metal band Temple Koludra returns!
Their debut full length will be released through  Trancending Obscurity Records.

Check out their latest video 'Grey Apparition'.(2018)

24-04-2018 Soul Dissolution (BE) First show ever!Together with Frigoris (GE) and  Black Narcissus(BE).

With this we celebrate the release of their second full length 'Stardust'(2018).The album got some massive responses already,and are welcomed with open arms.Here you can check a couple of reviews:

There also will be shirts available from the Stardust album,get them on their show or on their Bandcamp store.

22--04-2018  There are still items left in stock which are still for sale.

-Soul Dissolution-Pale Distant light Digi-CD (2016) 12,00 Euro
-Obsidian Tongue CD -A nest of ravens in the throat of time CD (2013)Sold out at the Hypnotic Dirge Records store.12,00 Euro
-Graveyard Ghoul-The living cemetary CD (2014) 12,00 Euro

-For purchasing Melkor their latest record 'Irrlicht'  and get your original second full length after their high emanicipated  debut 'Ferne'.No skills no frills,Only pure true German Black metal worship here.

-Follow  Patricia Thomas bandmanagement with latest news and updates on her Official site, and keep on supporting and subscribe to her newsletters. Official website /

11-10-2016 Dayal Patterson is working hard to make through his journey through 'The Cult Never Dies' a real legacy coming to his books and merchandise.Interviewing and reviewing some of the most important Black Metal icons coming to the great arrows in history. Interested in getting some of his merchandise head for The Cult Never Dies merchandise

-For some of the most exclusive Lunar Aurora merchandise head for  GRAU Mailorder
merchandise .Other topacts Coldworld,Lunar Aurora,Kawir and more...

06-10-2016 Straight from the metalinsider.'Win a pair of passes to the New York debut of black metal documentary ‘Blackhearts’.One of the best things about the metal community is how dedicated its fans are. That’s why Prog Power sells out before the lineup’s even announced. It’s why bands and fans will travel from all over the world to hang out in Baltimore parking lots every Memorial Day Weekend. And it’s also why black metal fans view Norway as their mecca. The film Blackhearts is a documentary about the latter of those, following black metal musicians from Greece, Iran and Colombia read more

03-10-2016 Here you can view Varg Vikernes his latest 10 minute video talking about Oystein Aarseth and all the commotion around him, the Helvete shop, and VENOM.

Burzum official website.
Mayhem Offial website
The True Mayhem webshop

Head  for the Nebelklang  shop to get access to the highlights in what the store has to offer.Find out about ABSURD merchandise and tons more goodies.

28-09-2016 Heidens Hart Records got some really exclusive shirts in (see picture above) from the Norwegian Dark Industry artist Mortiis (Dark-Ambient early),as being long time pals with Arjan from HH.Here is the link back where you can order

All of the designs are from the first-Ambient days era.